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Hi! I'm Ben. I love to create interesting projects with code.

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I first became interested in coding through playing online games when I was a teenager. I saw people creating programs to automate their character's progress and the possibilities of doing this blew me away. I tried my hand at learning and thought I was a wizard changing the colour of pages with CSS, but I didn't get any further than that.

While having a fantastic time on a working holiday in Australia, I became interested in the future of work and how A.I. & Machine Learning would impact our world. I decided to change my career to be a part of this revolution. I got involved in Digital Marketing, and worked my way into being a Senior Paid Media Executive. I learnt so much during this period and it developed many of my soft skills like stakeholder management, and how to make analytical, data-driven decisions.

During 2021 I fully committed to becoming a Software Developer. After studying on my own for several months, I enrolled in the Northcoders Software Development bootcamp. I finished in March 2022, and for the past year I have been working as a Software Engineer on Basket, Checkout & Payment microservices for a large e-commerce website exceeding £10m in monthly revenue.

I have been using React, Next.js, Node, Express, and Playwright on a daily basis and I've really enjoyed working with such intelligent people. The technical skills I have learnt, and the soft skills I've gained from my Digital Marketing experience have helped me quickly become an important member of the team.

Please take a look at the Projects section to see detailed descriptions of a few of my projects, and my Github to see current projects I am working on.

My Skills

Through my employer I have had access to Udemy and Frontend Masters, so I have continued to study a number of courses on topics such as CI/CD pipelines, Postman, TypeScript, automated testing and more. Here are some of the courses I have completed:
JavaScript Testing Practices and Principles by Kent C. Dodds from Frontend Masters, and GitLab CI: Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners & Understanding TypeScript from Udemy.






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