Ben Weston. Software Engineer.

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I work as a Frontend Software Engineer in the Payments team for Holland & Barrett. The website receives over £10m revenue per month, so there is a strong emphasis on releasing safe code, and including error handling and robust logging for observability using Datadog.

My role involves creating React components for our UI, and managing a backend-for-frontend Node Express service that interacts with our Payment Orchestration service, other internal micro-services, and external APIs.

I have strong TypeScript skills and like to work in a type-safe manner. On an average day I may be working on a new React component via Storybook, debugging an Express middleware chain, extracting some logic into a custom hook, or styling a component based on Figma designs.

Some of the projects I have done are adding new payment methods such as Riverty, upgrading the Saved Payments functionality to use Adyen's 'sessions' architecture, redesigning the Mini Basket for a brand refresh.

I actively contribute to the squad dynamic and share my opinions in team meetings. By planting a seed of an idea, I may help someone to imagine a new feature.

My Skills

I am a strong learner and always want to hone my skills. I've been lucky enough to work in QA which gave me a lot of experience creating automated tests using Playwright. My current focus is on developing my knowledge of React and Typescript. In the near future I want to pick up Go and learn to build more performant backend servers.











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